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Membership Application
1. Name: Miss J
2. Age:18
4. Interests:harry potter, anime,
5. Why do you want to be part of this community? i love harry potter
6. Have you read all the books?yes
7. Which is your favorite and why?Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire. It has the most action.
8. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? Severus Snape
9. Who is your least favorite? Harmione, she's annoying and always wants to ruin everyones fun.
10. How much time do you think you will contribute to this community? I have no life.

Sorting application

1) Please describe (in your opinion) the four houses of Hogwarts:Hufflepuffs-a bunch of goof balls and filthy mudbloods who dont deserve to breath my air, Ravenclaw-smart and clever a lot of nerds and geeks, but they are easy to cheat off of, Gryffindor-brave and strong but has nosey kids that cant mind there on business, Slytherin-cunning, ambitious, clever, gets what we want, powerful, courageous, and a valued member of the wizarding community.
2) Who was your favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor? Severus Snape
3) What would you consider as a career after Hogwarts? Death eater
4) If you attended Hogwarts what would be your favorite class?Potions. Learning potions is just as important as using your wand. You can use potions for poisons, antidotes, and to do anything these days.
5) Who would be your favorite professor and why?Snape there is so much to learn from him, and his potions.
6) What type of wand would you own? pheonix feather
7) What Quidditch position do you think you would play?Seeker
8) Which house do you feel you would fit the best in?Slytherin
9) What is your favorite color?Black
10) What would be your boggart? A raven
11) What form would your Animagus take?wolf
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