Liz (meangurrl) wrote in hp_trivia05,

Some things to say...

First of all, I want to give mistressemi major props for handling this community and not giving up on it.

Libero... stephanie, we'll miss having you, definitely... you share a lot of my views anyways and since I read your LJ i feel like i know you better than I actually do, but definitely participate when you can...

New members or those thinking of applying... watch the attitudes, seriously. When I first applied I was told that I was being too harsh and mean because I called the Hufflepuffs pansies, but a lot of people are saying things far worse than what I said. Everyone here has different opinions and we should feel okay expressing them but don't put other people down in the process. Just because someone is a slytherin doesn't mean they have to do their best to be evil, and being a gryff doesn't give you an excuse to be cocky. I want everyone to get along.

Also, i was thinking we might want to change the sorting app a little bit... I don't like how people can basically influence which house they are put into... the questions are all harry potter based, and I think it would be better to have more of a personality test... like the whole what would you do if you found 100 dollars on the ground kind of thing.

This is basically up to you Emi, but if you want me to look into modifying it, I can do that. And if you think our system is perfect as is, just tell me and I'll leave it be.

Thanks everyone.

Liz// Gryffindor
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