Emi Cordill (mistressemi) wrote in hp_trivia05,
Emi Cordill

New things

I would like to move your attention to the information page. On there, you will find four new communities that are linked to this one:

The Daily Prophet
The Quibbler
The Dueling Club
Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

Daily Prophet: this is a section for news and such. This can be Harry Potter related, or not. You can even make up your own stories about the community and its members. Just make sure to mention in the subject that you wrote it yourself.

Quibbler: For gossip, again can be Harry Potter or community rated. Just be careful if you write your own. Make sure it's total roleplay so no one gets hurt or upset.

Dueling Club: A place for debates. These can be anything. You can debate the huge debates in the world, or you can debate whether Snape is evil, or whether Dumbledore is hot (:P). That's entirely up to you. Just play fair.

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes: For humor. Not much else can be said about that one.

You'll find the information in the user info pages.

So go and have fun! Make sure you add them on!
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