wolfmoon123 (wolfmoon123) wrote in hp_trivia05,

Respond if you want points from transfiguration.

Alright, For the two of you who actually saw fit to DO YOUR HOMEWORK, you have both earned gryffindor a grand total of 89 points. I congratulate you both. For the rest of you: If you have joined this community I would appriciate it greatly if you would participate more. I have a large project all ready to give you, but if I only have two, this won't be as fun for you. Either way, this is a chance to boost your house points considerably. I would suggest highly to the houses of Slytherlin and Ravenclaw to get more active. I would point out that this also means that Hufflepuff and Gryffindor should keep it up. Before I put up the new project, I am going to raise the stakes on this a bit. Whoever does the best job on this project will earn a total of 500 points to their house. This means that I wish to see real effort and competition. whoever is interested in earning these points, I highly recommend responding to this immediatly. If there are only two of you and both of you are from the same house, I apologize but I will need to wait a little longer before I post this activity. I don't mean to use this as a punishment, because you both are really active and I'm proud of you both, regardless of the fact that I'm a hufflepuff. So, If any of you wish to earn these points, respond asap!

-Professor Gwendolyn Pendragon-
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