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Membership Application
1. Name: Madison
2. Age: 16
4. Interests: Reading, writing, music, Harry Potter, and movies.
5. Why do you want to be part of this community? I love Harry Potter, and I want to know what house I should be in.
6. Have you read all the books? Yup, read the first when I was nine (I think, it was around there) and finished the sixth the same day that is was released.
7. Which is your favorite and why? MMMhhh...that's hard...but I'd have to say Goblet of Fire, because I like that you see a larger part of the wizarding world, and how it goes on beyond the walls of Hogwarts, and how totally clueless some wizards can be.
8. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? Sirius, because he had a kind of....honor about him. He would rather die than betray his friends, he was brave.
9. Who is your least favorite? Wormtail, betrayal's a big squick for me so, of course I don't like Wormtail because he betrayed two people who trusted them not only with their lives, but the lives of their child.
10. How much time do you think you will contribute to this community? As much as I can.

Sorting application

1) Please describe (in your opinion) the four houses of Hogwarts: Slytherin is the house that is smart and brave, but they’re selfish, so if they had a choice between saving themselves and someone else they’d save themselves. Hufflepuffs are nice to everyone most of the time, and even their anger isn’t that extreme, they forgive easily and are hard to anger. Ravenclaws are cold and cynical, they might seem a little arrogant, because they know that they’re smart. Gryffindors are dumb and brave, meaning that they don’t think situations through before rushing in and doing something. They’re selfless though, so if someone’s in danger they’ll always choose to save the other person.
2) Who was your favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor? Well, in my opinion, Remus was the only one who wasn't a bumbling idiot or working for the Dark Lord, so I guess Remus, even though he should've given Harry a chance at the boggart.
3) What would you consider as a career after Hogwarts? Becoming a Professor...I'd love to teach. That's my life goal.
4) If you attended Hogwarts what would be your favorite class? Transfiguration, I'd get a kick out of turning one thing into another.
5) Who would be your favorite professor and why? McGonnagall(sp?), because she can act like she doesn't care about her students, but she really does.
6) What type of wand would you own? Willow with, I think, a unicorn hair core.
7) What Quidditch position do you think you would play? Keeper...because I can stay still (maybe). I also have fairly good intuition.
8) Which house do you feel you would fit the best in? Gryffindor, or Ravenclaw.
9) What is your favorite color? Pink
10) What would be your boggart? An Alien. I'm really really frightened of them.
11) What form would your Animagus take? A cat. I don't like people too terribly much like myself, and what things I don't like I REALLY don't like them.
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