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Membership Application
1. Name: leilanie
2. Age: 16
3. AIM: xcandycane808x
4. Interests: shopping, scrapbooking, computers, friends&&family
5. Why do you want to be part of this community?i love harry potter and it sounds fun
6. Have you read all the books?yeah
7. Which is your favorite and why?hp && the HBP because you get to learn about voldemort, his story, && secrets
8. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? hermione
9. Who is your least favorite?umbridge
10. How much time do you think you will contribute to this community?an hour or so each day

Sorting application

1) Please describe (in your opinion) the four houses of Hogwarts:ravenclaws, for the smartest. gryffindors, for the bravest&&boldest. slytherin, for the purebloods, and hufflepuff, for all the rest.
2) Who was your favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor?mad-eye moody. even though he wasnt his actual self he seemed pretty cool
3) What would you consider as a career after Hogwarts?id open up my own shop in diagon alley
4) If you attended Hogwarts what would be your favorite class?divination. i like learning about that stuff, but i dont like the professor
5) Who would be your favorite professor and why?hagrid. he's a good person and fun to talk to
6) What type of wand would you own?one with a unicorn hair core
7) What Quidditch position do you think you would play?keeper
8) Which house do you feel you would fit the best in?ravenclaw
9) What is your favorite color?pink
10) What would be your boggart?a dead version of my family
11) What form would your Animagus take?a dog, they're smart&&loyal, like me.
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