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Membership Application
1. Name: Deborah
2. Age: 29
3. AIM:
4. Interests: reading, computers, livejournal, Harry Potter, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, movies, tv.
5. Why do you want to be part of this community? I want to learn new things about the Harry Potter series and meet other people.
6. Have you read all the books? All of them except for the first book, I just couldn't get involved with it, I have no idea why.
7. Which is your favorite and why? I liked the 6th book the best, because it explains things to you about why people are that way.
8. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? Professor Snape, because he is basically the most non 1 dimensional character. You're not too sure if he is actually good or bad. He acts like he dosen't like Harry Potter and his crew, but a few times he their lives.
9. Who is your least favorite? Crabbe and Doyle becuase they are always doing what Malfoy says and they don't ever think on their own.
10. How much time do you think you will contribute to this community? About 4 hours a week, where I can attend classes, get points for my house and help get members sorted.

Sorting application

1) Please describe (in your opinion) the four houses of Hogwarts: Slytherin is the house that dosen't like muggles. They are against mud-bloods, they want the wizarding world to be pure. Raven claw and Hufflepuff, I honestly don't really know too much about either of them. All I basically know about them is that Ravenclaw are the smart ones and Hufflepuff are the peacemakers. Gryfindors are brave, smart and witty. They care alot about their friends and will do anything to help them.
2) Who was your favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor? My favorite teacher was Lupin, he taught his students about Bogarts, things that they would end up dealing with in the future. He cared about his students and tried to make learning fun. Too bad people found out that he was a warewolf and he to leave Hogwarts, if he stayed I think he would of ended the bad streak of the teachers who teach that class, that none of them ever outlasted the semester.
3) What would you consider as a career after Hogwarts? I would like to work with the ministry of magic, making sure that there is no problems between the wizards and the muggles. To make sure that the dark wizards do no harm to muggles and let them be.
4) If you attended Hogwarts what would be your favorite class? My favorite class would be Defense against the dark arts becuase I would learn to defend myslf against others. I would want to arm myself with all the information I can to protect myself, friends and family against what is yet to come, with Voldemort being out and trying to gain power.
5) Who would be your favorite professor and why? My favorite teacher would be Lupin, becuase he would teach me things that are relevant to what is going on, like what he did with his students by teaching them how to fight a bogart. He is also in touch with his students and can relate to them.
6) What type of wand would you own? I would own a simple oak one, that is about 18 inches long and contains a feather inside the core. I want something really basic to do my spells with, I don't need a really strong one becuase I am not planning on doing heavy fighting, just a little housework and stuff.
7) What Quidditch position do you think you would play? If I had to choose a position, I wouold play a beater, to help protect the seeker. I would rather cheer in the sidelines for my house, I am kind of afraid of falling and getting hit by flying things. I would love to offer support for my house.
8) Which house do you feel you would fit the best in? Gryffindor, becuase I would do anything to protect my friends, I would stick up for them and fight for them. I can be witty and smart to find ways out of numerous situations, by trying to think ahead and by trying things that the opposition probaly never even thought of.
9) What is your favorite color? My favorite color is blue, I am not really sure why thet is my favorite color, it has been since I was little. Whenever I had to pick something, I would always pick it in the color blue over any other color. I love writing in blue and my mp3 player is blue also.
10) What would be your boggart?
11) What form would your Animagus take? A cat, becuase cats are clever and they can be a little bit stubborn, like I am. They do what they want to do, you can't really tell them what to do, becuase they won't listen to you. They'll be like, "Yeah... whatever!", and then go on their merry way.
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