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Membership Application
1. Name:Lilly
2. Age:18
3. AIM:settledown313
4. Interests:Reading, making videos, photography, sporking lawns, playing video games.
5. Why do you want to be part of this community?I love Harry Potter, and I want to participate in something I'm very good at, and that is Harry Potter trivia.
6. Have you read all the books?Why of course!
7. Which is your favorite and why?Probably the 4th one, it just takes you into their lives a little deeper.You get to see more of the life of a wizard, than the muggle life.
8. Who is your favorite Harry Potter character?Hermione and Sirius tie. Hermione, because I find a lot of similarities between us: books, studying, crazy hair, loving red heads :]Sirius because he is the ultimate bad boy.I love his antics and his sarcasm.
9. Who is your least favorite?
Umbridge. I know you're supposed to hate her, and it works. I hate closed minded, racist(if you count monsters and "half-breeds" as different races.
10. How much time do you think you will contribute to this community? Quite a lot actually, I usually have free nights.

Sorting application

1) Please describe (in your opinion) the four houses of Hogwarts:
Gryffindor:Brave and sophisticated, smart and true of heart.To me they are willing to fight for friends and love, but have a very silly side as well.
Slytherin:Very cunning and charming. Could talk you into anything. Sly and powerful. They make friends and they keep them. Willing to do anything to better themselves.
Hufflepuff:Loyal and kind. I picture a house full of fun and acceptance.
Ravenclaw:Intelligent and diligent. Studeous and remarkably talented.
2) Who was your favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor?Professor Lupin. He is and will be my favorite teacher of all time in the series. I had a teacher that was very similar to him and he did nothing but inspire us.Lupin is a great character.
3) What would you consider as a career after Hogwarts?
An auror.I would find it exciting and interesting. If not that, maybe a healer. Working at Mungos would be terribly interesting as well.
4) If you attended Hogwarts what would be your favorite class?
Defense Against the Dark Arts or Transfiguration. DAtDA would be a key skill if I became an auror and Transfiguration would just be interesting and fun.
5) Who would be your favorite professor and why?
If Lupin was still a teacher, definately him, for being such an outstanding teacher and a great role model. If its a current teacher, then Professor McGonagall. She gets things done. I like a teacher that has a set plan and sticks to it, so you know exactly where your at.
6) What type of wand would you own?
I would say a willow wand with the feather of a phoenix.
7) What Quidditch position do you think you would play?
Beater.I play softball, and if the bat and ball were that big, it would be an awesome sport.I have dead aim, too.
8) Which house do you feel you would fit the best in?
Gryffindor or Slytherin. I would do anything for my friends, but Im also just a little self-centered, being an only child and all.
9) What is your favorite color?
I like just about any color. Yellow isn't a favorite, it just reminds me of vomit.
10) What would be your boggart?
Murky water.ack.
11) What form would your Animagus take?
A lion (Im a proud leo, not trying to push Gryf.) or a cat in general.
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